Well of wishes


The object of playing Well Of Wishes is to predict a number between one to ten. The objective of the game is to increase your winnings from the previous game. As you win more games, your success improves. The object of the game can be explained as follows. You have to predict a number between one to ten and then beat all the other players who guessed that same number.

The bets in Well Of Wishes are offered on the game website. Placing a bet does not end there; the fun has just begun. The game mechanics involve a number of spins, which are used to activate the Bonus offers. The winnings from the bets are automatically doubled when you play well of wishes. To win the game, the player has to predict a number between one to ten and then bet and spin again.

Well, Of Wishes is played on four main levels namely, bonus, challenges, frenzy and insanity. In addition to the bonus and challenge offers, the aim of every level is to collect all the wishes you can from all the mini casino games available on Well Of Wishes. Placing bets on the bonus offers requires a certain amount of capital before the start of each game.

Players start playing Well Of Wishes with a free bonus of ten coins. Players can use the coins to buy different casino slots such as video poker, craps, slots, bingo etc. To earn more points, you should place your bets on the progressive slots, which offer the highest payouts. Once you start winning, you can use your real money account to play the game for real money.

Each game offers a random number generator. This number generator randomly generates numbers between one to twenty using the provided symbols. These symbols can be arranged in any way you wish on the slot reels. For instance, a single wish can come with up to four different symbols. Players need to click on the symbol they wish to place their bet on to spin the reels.

Players need to look carefully at the symbols before placing their bets on a slot. When a slot spins, it takes coins out of the player’s stash and adds them to the current spin. The current spin is until the player has managed to spin all the coins. Then, the reels will rotate and the new symbol will be revealed. Players who successfully guess the symbol will win a prize.

Well, Of Wishes is an online slot game that requires no downloading of files or software. It is a flash based game and runs on the Java platform. The graphics are made in an attractive way to facilitate easy navigation while the matching symbols are designed in a way to ensure that they are clearly readable.

Well, Of Wishes is an exciting and volatile game in the sense that it changes according to the result of the last spin. Playing this slot game is a lot of fun as it pits you against the odds and allows you to maximize your winning potential. Playing well of wishes will help you earn decent amounts of money even if you lose the majority of the spins in the free spin mode.

Well, Of Wishes is a slot machine game that can be played with single or multiples coins. It is a real money game that requires strategies to play well of wishes for free. Some of the strategies that can be used include using multiple coins on certain rows or re-spinning the wheel while playing well of wishes for free. Although there are many ways to play Well Of Wishes for free, using real money is advisable if you are not familiar with how to play Well Of Wishes for free.

Well, Of Wishes is a five reel slot machine that is available in all casinos and online sites. The basic design of this slot machine is similar to other well reels in that it features five reels with a center vertical bar through which light rays come in. On the left hand side there is a symbol that resembles a wild animal with its tail between its legs. The light that comes out from this symbol when the reels spin attracts a piece of metal that has a face on it.

In this virtual casino game, you can find rabbits, raccoons and elephants. These symbols are also found on other well reels in the game. When the symbols on the reels to match up to the faces on the icons on the reels, winning will be your outcome. This virtual slot machine game is an entertaining one as it involves planning your strategy to win the game.