Jingle spin

Jingle Spin is an old time video slot machine with five (5) revolving reels and three (3) lanes. It has twenty fixed paylines with the maximum bet range of 0.20 each to 200 each. The controls for this slot machine are easy to find since it is placed in the center of the lot. Click the left shift key to lock in a value and the right shift key to unlock it. Use the minus and plus buttons to increase or decrease the stake amount.

This slot machine has two different feature baubles that can be used. The first one is the High Speed reel which has a faster spinning speed than the regular reels. The regular jingle spin reels are easier to handle when you want to make quick swings at the money. However, the High Speed reel makes your hit more consistent.

The second feature bauble is the Christmas tree bauble. These baubles consist of shiny plastic snowflakes that you must drag through the reels by pushing them with your fingers in order to expose them. In order to win the jackpot, you must expose all the symbols in the designated baubles. The jackpot is filled once all the symbols in the designated baubles are exposed.