Aloha! christmas


The holidays are almost here and with millions of players going to visit their online casinos, it can be the perfect time to play a casino game called Aloha! Christmas. With big wins of more than 3000x, it is definitely the best time to be merry in Aloha! Christmas. The slot machine is a 6- reel, 6- row video slots with the cluster pays symbol, Multiplier Wild symbol, Mystery symbols, and the Tiki Bar free spin. It will surely make your day when you pull this one off. It is commonly called the “pots vs. money” battle.

Some people may think that winning big amounts of money in Aloha! Christmas is only for those who have mastered the game and had enough patience to wait for the right timing. But, interestingly, even new players will find this game quite challenging because it is possible to earn multiple awards in just a short period of time.

One of the special features that was added to the game in 2004 is the free spin rounds. For every round you pass, a star will be turned on in the corner of the track. Each time you land on a star, you will earn points. Eventually, your score will reach 500 before the next round starts. At this point, a star will turn off and the game will start all over again.

Aside from the regular scoring and bonus round, there is also the “special features” mini-game. Like the regular Scrabble bonus round, this mini game allows you to apply certain stickers or bombs on a grid of square tiles. There are nine slots in this bonus round and the number of times you apply a sticker or bomb determines the result of the game.

Apart from the 9 slots and the multi-selecting of bombs and stickers, another important feature added to the Aloha! Christmas base game is the top mode. This mode gives you the chance to see how your chosen aloha can perform in an airplane race. You can activate the rtp icon by pressing the space bar. This will cause your airplane to move at the speed indicated by the indicator and will give you a preview of your performance on the screen.

The Aloha! Christmas online games come in different editions with different features. The cheaper edition has only six powerful slots where you can accumulate credits to buy airplane and support Aloha! The more expensive edition contains eight slots and gives you the opportunity to earn the four powerups exclusively found in the single spin format.